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Getting the most out of your Tennant 5700 Floor Scrubber

State Department considers scrubbing democracy promotion from its mission

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has ordered his department to redefine its mission and issue a new statement of purpose to the world. The draft statements under review right now are similar to the old mission statement, except for one thing – any mention of promoting democracy is being eliminated. The mission statement is important because it sends a signal about American priorities and intentions to foreign governments and people around the world, said Abrams, who was considered by Tillerson for the job of deputy secretary of state but rejected by President Trump. Tom Malinowski, who served as assistant secretary of state for democracy, human rights and labor for the Obama administration, said the new proposed mission statement brings U.S. foreign policy into closer alignment with that of some of America’s chief adversaries, including Russia. 

Malinowski also predicted that the change, if it becomes permanent, would sow confusion throughout the ranks of the State Department’s civil and foreign service because hundreds of State Department officials work on congressionally funded programs every day that are meant to promote democracy and justice abroad.Adding to the confusion, Trump occasionally trumpets democracy promotion, for example when it comes to Cuba or Venezuela. In his inauguration speech, Trump made clear that democracy promotion would not be a feature of his foreign policy. The changes in the State Department mission statement may not seem very significant viewed in isolation. Tillerson has made several statements and decisions that indicate he plans to lower the priority of democracy and human rights in U.S. foreign policy. 

In March, he broke tradition by declining to appear personally to unveil the State Department’s annual human rights report. The State Department will soon eliminate the www. Gov website and move its content to an alternative web address, www. 

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Email/Data Scrubbing Services USA/UK/Canada

Increasingly, the quality of your customer database has a significant impact on the return on investment you receive from your marketing campaigns. Your ability to reach key decision-makers only within your target markets and as defined by your ideal customer profile is very important. The information in your database allows you to accurately and quickly access the individual decision-makers in the companies you are trying to target. Outsource Big Data offers custom made database cleaning, data scrubbing services and email scrubbing services to ensure the information you have is always up-to-date. We can clean your targeted email address lists as well as the contact information for your leads to ensure no contacts are wasted. 

If database cleaning is a priority for your company and you want to keep costs down, contact Outsource Big Data today to learn more about database cleanup services. Our teams of data scrubbing and database updating experts have many years of experience working with a number of different types of databases. From deduplication services to general updating and cleaning, we can ensure you always have the most accurate information possible for your business. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we offer comprehensive IT support to ensure there are never any issues with your account. With Six Sigma quality standards adhered to throughout our company and comprehensive security protocols to protect your information, you can rest assured you are getting the best when you hire OBD. 

Contact us today to learn more about our entire database cleaning services and what we can do for you. 

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UnsubCentral Introduces Super Scrubbing Solution to Protect Marketers’ Brand Reputations and Enable People Based Marketing

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 08, 2018 – UnsubCentral, a PostUp company and performance-marketing veteran, today announces its Super Scrubbing service, which allows marketers to compare and scrub multiple lists, prioritize partners, ensure email list data security, maintain opt-out compliances and protect brands from irreparable harm. This solution enables one-to-one people based marketing by preventing different affiliates from sending equivalent email offers to the same consumer. By managing data, the Super Scrubber allows brands and advertisers to market only relevant information, eliminating unnecessary or redundant emails that will annoy or confuse consumers. Ultimately, enterprises must realize that if they have multiple partners, and if each of those partners has email lists in the millions, the odds indicate there will almost certainly be duplicates. For this reason, UnsubCentral offers this service to compare and scrub multiple lists in a seamless process, effortlessly reducing saturation and spend. 

About UnsubCentralUnsubCentral offers the industry’s leading solution for email compliance and opt-out list management. UnsubCentral provides advertisers, agencies, and networks with the necessary tools to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act by allowing them to securely manage opt-out and customer lists across third party partners. More articles issued by PostUp More articles related to: Company Announcement. 

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A clean email list is a list that delivers the metrics you want to see. Let’s talk about a few ways to clean your email list and retain active subscribers. It’s not even indicative of any shortcoming in your email strategy – the average email marketing database degrades by roughly 22.5% yearly. Subscribers opt out of your emails for lack of interest or lack of time. Subscribers fail to open your emails due to disinterest or lack of time. 

A cleaner email list means a higher conversion rate and a more engaged community. If you aren’t, consider the following tips on how to clean up your email list. There are plenty of options out there when you want to scrub your email list. A lot of email marketers take one approach to reach their subscribers, and when it doesn’t work, they simply assume some accounts on the list are a lost cause. The key is to make sure you can send the appropriate email to the right group of subscribers. 

Let’s say you scrub your list of subscribers who have engaged with fewer than half the emails they’ve received in six months. An email tester lets you see how your emails come off to subscribers of varying engagement levels. 

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