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The Complete Guide on Email List Hygiene

Email hygiene entails cleaning out inactive email subscribers from your future email marketing campaigns and keeping your remaining list warm with healthy email sending habits. Performing email hygiene regularly will ensure you are only emailing the people who truly want your messages-which also helps you avoid your email being marked as spam. This article will teach you healthy email hygiene habits that will keep your list squeaky clean, keep your small business off of the spam lists, and ensure your marketing emails are delivered and opened. If you have proper email list hygiene habits, and you have a healthy list, your emails are much less likely to be marked as spam because your subscribers are warm and engaged. Purchasing a product or service, or subscribing to your email list isn’t necessarily explicit permission for ongoing email marketing communication, but often it renders a higher level of engagement. 

A warm email list is comprised of subscribers who have opted in, been contacted in the last four months, and are regularly engaging with your emails. You must keep the warmth of your email list at the top of your business priority list. If you have sent no email communications to your list in the last four months, you can consider it a cold email list. This list of email addresses should not be sent any email communication. Your first step to proper email list hygiene is to ensure that you’re working with a list of email subscribers who want your messages. 

SMS.Personal one-off email from your own email client. How to revive email health and warm up your re-engaged email list. 

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Should You Stop Sending Email to Complainers?

We recently sent our entire email list through a scrubbing process. The inbox provider has taken it over and converted it to a spam trap to find email senders who aren’t responsibly managing their lists. Your email service provider is also likely at some point to restrict or suspend your sending abilities. Thankfully, we had relatively few – 18 to be exact – of these malicious bot and spam trap email addresses on our list. We were also introduced to a new category of problematic email addresses I wasn’t aware of: Known Complainers. 

Via GIPHY. Known Complainers are people who basically hit the spam button a lot in their inboxes, even if they haven’t marked any of your email as spam. In our scrubbing process, we found 137 people who are currently subscribed to our email newsletter, but who were tagged as Complainers. In our case, whether we continued to email them was our decision. We decided to leave them in for now because we are carefully watching email engagement. 

If they do end up hitting the spam button or stop engaging with our emails, we have other systems in place to remove them from our list. If you’ve never scrubbed your email list, it’s time to add it to your budget. You don’t want to waste all the potential of your email list because you were accidentally emailing a bunch of spam traps. 

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Email Scrubbing

With the best possible email list hygiene present, you will have an efficient business like never before. Each year, email lists reduce in activity by almost a quarter percentage. The goal of email scrubbing is to purge the subscribers from your email list who no longer engage with your messages or content. Email scrubbing should occur a few times during the year, if not more. If you are deciding whether or not it is time for another check up on your email list hygiene, there are a few red flags you can examine. 

Open rates and subscription counts are two of the most crucial elements to look for when thinking about email scrubbing. Look for these signals to see if email scrubbing should be imminent. When examining the why of email scrubbing, there are numerous benefits that will be pivotal for you and your email marketing campaigns. Most of the positive aspects of email scrubbing are directly inverse of the reasons to pursue it in the first place. One prime benefit of email list hygiene and its upkeep are higher rates of opens and click throughs. 

If you want to have the best possible email marketing campaigns, then email scrubbing is crucial. For even more information on the best ways to attain email list hygiene, you can reach out to FixMyList now! Our experts will be thrilled to help you. 

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10 Tips to Help You Grow and Maintain a Clean Email List

That’s because it will naturally decay over time, as contacts change jobs, old email addresses are abandoned, and people opt out for various reasons. Some are repeat buyers, some are tire kickers, and some will never open a single email you send them. Combating email list decay is as simple as using the right tool. Restoring your email integrity once you’re flagged as a spammer isn’t easy. Once they’ve reached your page, you can offer premium content in exchange for their email address. 

The double opt-in can stifle growth a bit, but the increased quality of your email list is more important than its size. Add a call-to-action at the end of your email prompting people to share the content with friends they think might enjoy it. This is a common practice in articles and blog posts, but it’s not used nearly enough with email. The content you put out should be nothing short of phenomenal if you want people to look forward to your emails. Pull up your email list and intentionally try to mess up common email domains to find errors. 

It’s no secret that growing a clean and functional email list is one of the best marketing moves your company can make. About 75% of companies described email ROI as either ‘good’ or ‘excellent’, just beating out SEO for the top spot. 

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