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As much as one-third of the United States workforce could be out of a job by 2030 thanks to automation, according to new research from McKinsey. The consulting firm now estimates that between 400 million and 800 million individuals globally could be displaced by automation and need to find new work. Automation will have a more muted effect on jobs that involve expertise, managing people, and that require frequent social interactions. This selective effect on the workforce has many worried that income inequality could continue to worsen in the United States. To be sure, McKinsey isn’t the only group studying the effects of artificial intelligence on wages and economic growth. 

A recent working paper penned by economists from Northwestern, Stanford and the College de France explored what would happen to economic growth if artificial intelligence starts generating original thought. A rapid uptick in the rate of innovation – and in new ideas – has led some to speculate about economic hypergrowth and ever-increasing GDP gains. McKinsey notes that governments will have to develop and provide extensive job retraining to help displaced workers as well as providing more generous income supplements. The research cited the U.S. High School Movement at the turn of the last century and the GI Bill as key examples of how developed countries can cope with the disruptive effects of a transforming economy. 

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Automation could replace up to 800 million jobs by 2035: Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Some half of all jobs worldwide – or up to 800 million total jobs – could be at risk of becoming obsolete by 2035 due to the rise of automation. That’s the assessment from a new report written by Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts highlighting 10 themes to watch for the next decade – and artificial intelligence is one of them. To make matters worse, robots are getting cheaper, the analysts said, with industrial robotic costs falling 27% from 2005 to 2014. Plus, it’s not just factory jobs that robots can replace. The race to develop artificial intelligence technology could also have geopolitical implications. 

China is taking the promise of artificial intelligence seriously. That’s why Bank of America is expecting some big changes to the current trade war between the U.S. and China that has persisted for almost two years. They also say that China wants equal U.S. dominance in artificial intelligence by next year but become the worldwide leader in artificial intelligence by 2030.Scott Gamm is a reporter at Yahoo Finance. 

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Automation Arts – Southern Wisconsin’s Premier Automation AV Integrator

With over 25 years in the Wisconsin market, Automation Arts has set the standard for Custom Electronic Integration. Our objective is to provide the highest quality end-user experience possible. This objective is reached through our passion for customer service, attention to detail, and our experience with deploying high-level/innovative product offerings. Automation Arts believes that the relationship between client and vendor lasts long after the final installation. Our focus on building lasting relationships has been integral to our growth as an organization. 

The Automation Arts Team consists of highly-certified technicians. We take great pride in our focus on continuing education for all of our technicians. These certifications ensure that our team’s product knowledge exceeds industry standards. This allows us to provide our clients the best experience possible. If you would like to learn more about our team, we would be open to a meeting over the phone or in person. 

Thanks for your interest in learning more about Automation Arts! 

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Lab automation liquid handling, automated liquid handling

Agilent’s space saving and flexible automated liquid handling solutions enable simplified sample preparation with consistent high accuracy. Automation allows labs to free-up manual labor and run more samples while maintaining reproducibility. Application specific lab automation liquid handling solutions address sample preparation needs for proteins, metabolites, as well as genomics and NGS applications, reducing set up times and protocol development. Our powerful open liquid handling platform can be tailored to serve a broad range of application needs with more than 60 deck accessories spanning from magnetic bead separation, vacuum filtration to heating/cooling and shaking. Products for plate sealing, barcode labelling and centrifugation bring additional capabilities to your lab. 

Intuitive instrument control software allows easy startup requiring little training effort, for further increased lab productivity. 

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Automation Technology: 3D Sensors, Smart Infrared Cameras, NDT Systems and Thermography Solutions for Monitoring and Automation

We have been supplying high-quality vision components and application solutions for more than 15 years. Our range of 3D sensors and infrared cameras provides reliable solutions for non-destructive testing, automation and monitoring of industrial equipments. 

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Podio Workflow Automation with GlobiFlow for Podio made Easy

With GlobiFlow for Podio, you can automate key tasks and set up triggers for essential time-sensitive actions. GlobiFlow is so comprehensive that you are able to turn Podio into a much more sophisticated, dynamic, business management system. 

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Marketing Automation Email Templates

Here, you’ll find automation recipes created by us and by other users just like you. These pre-built automation templates will save you time with processes that are proven to work. 

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