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Removing the DEADWOOD from Email Lists – List Cleaning Methods

Lead Scrubbing

Sites that monetize via lead generation typically have an automated process for collecting contact information. This wall often prompts visitors to enter in bogus information in order to make the desired content visible. There are also strategies that can be employed to drive visitors to submit real contact information. Reject phone numbers or email addresses already captured. As discussed above, it is often necessary to remove any bogus leads. 

A more sophisticated process involves removing any leads deemed to be low quality, and thus unlikely to lead to a sale. Some aggregators may not accept leads from certain geographic areas or below a certain credit score. This second type of lead scrubbing will typically be more dependent on the exact niche in which the site operates and the data points that are collected in the lead generation process. Lead capture widgets that collect multiple pieces of demographic information provide additional opportunities for lead aggregators or buyers to filter out certain leads. For most sites that monetize via lead generation, lead scrubbing is going to be a frustrating part of the business that reduces your overall revenue. 

Unless you’re a major player with the ability to negotiate custom deals and contracts, you’ll generally be subject to the decisions of lead aggregators or other buyers when it comes to scrubbing. This is one of the reasons why it pay to develop relationships with multiple buyers and not rely too heavily on a single company to monetize your leads. 

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Email List Scrubbing: What It Is and How It Helps You Reach

This is where email list scrubbing comes in to ensure you communicate with real people. An email list scrubbing system scans your database and isolates risky email addresses, thus protecting your sender reputation and boosting deliverability. How email list scrubbing improves your sender reputation. That’s why savvy email marketers use email list scrubbing services every time their databases need pruning. You can let an email list scrubbing system detect these email addresses and remove them at once. 

Even the best email list scrubbing services have a hard time detecting all spam traps. Almost all email databases will have some disposable email addresses. Email list scrubbing is a great way to detect these emails. When they want to make sure they don’t miss any emails, organizations set up catch-all emails – meaning email accounts that will accept every piece of email anyone sends to them, even if that particular recipient doesn’t exist. Email list scrubbing systems can detect catch-all domains, but they can’t assess their validity. 

Now that you saw what an email list scrubbing service can do, we want to leave you with a few tips to help you even more when sending emails. We hope this article has been helpful and you get a chance to try our advice before you send out your next email! As long as you perform a thorough email list scrubbing every once in a while, and focus on sending awesome content, you should be well on your way to email marketing success. 

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Email List Hygiene: 5 Tips to Help You Keep Your Lists Clean

Good list hygiene is a key best practice for any email program. You must get rid of invalid, non-responsive and duplicate email addresses every chance you get. We recommend reviewing and cleaning your list every 6 months-just be sure to pick an interval and stick to it. More than likely these emails have not opted into your list so it’s best to get them off your list fast. You don’t want to continuously mail to invalid email addresses as this can have a negative impact on your metrics, especially your delivery rates. 

We may sound like a broken record, but we urge you to remove non-responders from your list on a regular basis. If people aren’t engaging with your messages, you should stop sending them email, especially since ISPs are looking at engagement metrics to determine delivery. Double opt-in is a great way to ensure that the subscriber truly wants your email. It also automatically helps purge bad email addresses from you list immediately. Given that traditionally 20% of email goes undelivered, you want to make sure you follow the best practices-including email list hygiene-that will get you to the inbox. 

If you need a refresher, download our free Email Deliverability Guide. It contains everything you need to know about delivering email through your web application. 

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Scrubbing Your List: An Email Marketing Best Practice to Eliminate the Costly Clutter

That packing has turned into a lot of sorting and cleaning and dumping and donating as she sorts through 22 years worth of furniture, books, art and all those boxes in the closets. We seem to accumulate a lot of stuff as we go through life. The longer we stay in one place, the more stuff we gather around us. Then when it’s time to pick up and move on, we find it’s too much to take it all with us and the sorting out and cleaning up must happen. As I’ve said before, scrubbing your in-house email list is an email deliverability best practice, especially when you’re dealing with legacy data. 

A list more than 18 months old is guaranteed to have bad email addresses, all those hard bounces will work against your online sending reputation. Think of those bad email addresses like the clutter in my friend’s closets. Only this clutter will cost you money if you don’t clean it out. You’ll lose out on possible sales by mailing to bad addresses, yes, but even worse, you’ll damage your sending reputation making it even harder to mail to the good addresses! 

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