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How to Automate Your TV for Cheap

New: Save time and steps with Automation

If you manage a team, then you know how powerful it is to have clearly-defined and repeatable work processes. Great processes empower teams to work together effortlessly and ensure work moves forward when and how it should. Many team leads struggle to either define or scale work processes for even the most routine workflows, like work requests and team handoff. According to Asana’s Anatomy of Work Index, an annual in-depth study of the modern workplace commissioned by Asana, 83% of global knowledge workers feel they aren’t as efficient as they could be because they don’t have the right processes in place. To solve these challenges, we’re excited to announce Automation-a powerful new suite of features built to automatically keep your team’s work processes humming in the background so you can focus on the work that matters. 

Rules automates the manual work associated with task intake, routing, and agile workflows. Once a rule is running, your team will never have to waste time on that step again. You can auto-assign teammates to new tasks based on the custom field status or based on the parent project. We’ve also made improvements to custom templates and task dependencies to help you save time when setting and changing workback schedules. Task Dependencies: Now when plans change, Asana will automatically resolve any schedule conflicts between dependent tasks. 

Learn more about date shifting for custom templates and task dependencies. If you’re an Asana Premium, Business, or Enterprise customer you can start saving time and steps with Rules and shifting due dates in custom templates today. 

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Asana Automation: Streamline processes, reduce errors, and spend less time on routine tasks. · Asana

Asana Automation: Streamline processes, reduce errors, and spend less time on routine tasks. We love to do the work you hate Don’t spend time on manual work. Streamline processes, make sure your team doesn’t miss critical steps, and deliver value faster with Automation. Save time for more important problems Use Rules to automate routine tasks so your team doesn’t have to think about them. Spend more energy on strategic work, and leave the repetitive stuff to us. 5 manual processes you can automate in minutes with Asana. 

Teams using Asana report Rules save everyone more than 70 steps per week. Connect them with Asana to add important information to relevant projects and keep your work in one place. See what Automation can do for you For the processes you and your team use every day to the tedious manual tasks no one likes to do, Automation has you covered. Auto-shifting due dates in project templates to streamline processes. Simplify workflows, reduce errors, and spend more time with your team working on the next big thing. 

Start your Business trial today, and put Automation to work. 

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Substance Automation ToolKit

The Substance Automation Toolkit provides features for automating Substance based tasks. These are a set of command line tools for baking maps for meshes, doing simple modifications to substances, creating substance archives and rendering out maps. Pysbs – Python API, the Python API is a python package for reading and modifying sbs files such as assembling composite materials from multiple substances or batch renaming nodes in files. Installation and setup instructions are available here. The package contains a set of sample projects to guide people to get started. 

The combination of these two packages allows you to fully automating the task of generating maps for large sets of assets based on rules and build your own tools for Substance related tasks. 

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Work management platform Asana launches new automation tools – TechCrunch

The rule builder comes with over 70 pre-build and preset rules at launch, but users can obviously build their own rules as well. Asana customers can use the service to automatically route tasks to a specific team member, for example. The new OCR and transcription services, which are now available in Asana’s iPhone app, are pretty self-explanatory. They make it easier to capture what was said in a meeting or written on a whiteboard, which users can then assign to a given task in Asana. Smart project templates, too, take some of the grunt work out of using Asana. 

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| Monarch Automation

Monarch Automation represents a variety of well-known manufacturers who provide innovative products that meet today’s requirements for technology. Monarch Automation, Inc. is a High Technology Distributor and Factory Automation Solutions Provider, offering our customers application experience and product knowledge since 1980. Our company has grown as a result of establishing long-term relationships with our customers by identifying their automation needs and providing competitive and reliable automation solutions. 

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Workflow Automation

Spend less time tracking down the people needed to get work done. Automatically collect and route info to the right teams, all in Slack where you’re already working. Easily standardize how you collect and share info up front, so you can find exactly what you need when you need it. In a just a few minutes, create a customized workflow that matches the way you work – or start with an example below. 

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