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How to Scrub Your Hands Before Surgery

Email Verification and Spam-Trap Removal Service

Removal of dedicated and repurposed email spam traps causing poor deliverability. Email addresses that have never given permission to an email marketer to send to the address. Some organizations involved in fighting spam put specific email addresses on websites that do not belong to real users and are decoys set up to monitor, collect and catch spammers. Since parked domains have previously not been configured for email use by the owner, any recipient is by definition, invalid and being spammed as they receive email in the form of a catch-all/role account. Our email verification is a non-intrusive process that verifies whether a given list of email addresses are accurate, valid, deliverable and good-to-send. 

Email domains where incoming email messages are silently discarded, without informing the sender that the message did not reach its intended recipient and never viewed by a real person. Due to this type of email configuration, without sending an actual email, it can be impossible to determine the validity of any email address checked as they all come back deliverable. Confirmation of email validity and verification of mail system acceptance. System-generated email addresses that are randomly generated phrases or words, aiming to make each look different and fool automated email filters. An email user may sometimes need to give an address to a site without complete assurance that the site owner will not use it for sending spam. 

One way to mitigate the risk is to provide a disposable email address – an address which the user can disable or abandon which forwards email to a real account. Removal of ISP, system or non-human generated email monitoring addresses. 

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Email List Scrubbing Service to Help You Get Your Campaigns in the Inbox

Email marketing is a lot more productive when you use a clean email list. To ensure your email campaigns reach the inbox, there is one tool you have to integrate into your workflow: an email list scrubbing service. Email list scrubbing is the process in which a specialized tool removes risky data from an email list. An email list scrubbing service analyses your database and establishes which email addresses need to be pruned out and which ones are safe to use. With ZeroBounce, you can make sure your email list is accurate, so you can maximize the results of your email campaigns. 

ZeroBounce is an email list scrubbing service that verifies each of the emails in your database. ZeroBounce is the leader in email email list scrubbing, and their solutions have helped tens of thousands of customers around the world. ZeroBounce has a real-time API. You can use their bulk email list scrubbing tool, and then install the API on your website to check emails in real time. Using the system for bulk email list scrubbing is a great place to start with your email hygiene. 

A good email list scrubbing system also eliminates abuse emails and spam traps. Just Integrate the ZeroBounce email list scrubbing service to platforms like CloudFlare, HubSpot, MailChimp and more. Recently, the email list scrubbing company has been recognized by the prestigious Inc. magazine on their annual Inc. 5000 list. 

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The best times to run your email addresses through a validator is during the signup process on your web forms, or when you’re moving away from your old Email Service Provider(ESP) like Mailchimp or Sendgrid. When validating during the signup process, it helps catch invalid emails proactively with a real-time verification email checker so that you can build a clean email list from the start. That means no disposable emails or misspelled Gmail addresses on your list. Real-time email list verification is just one of Mailgun’s email cleaning tools, and you get a number of validations included every month with your plan. If you find yourself moving over to a new ESP, it’s imperative to look into their email validation service offerings. 

Here at Mailgun, we provide a bulk email validation tool that allows senders to upload a csv or JSON file of emails and clean them up all in one go. Our catch-all suite of services allows you to clean up and send from one place, rather than jumping around applications like neverbounce, xverify before actually being able to send your messages. Simply remove the high risk, bad emails for a quality list of deliverable email addresses. 

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Email Verification services

Validation remove threats and errors while verification removes mostly bounces. Email List Validation: Removal of spamtraps, static bounces, complainers, litigators, duplicates, disposables, departmentals, botclickers, false positives, slow responses, format errors, unicode characters and checks the mail exchange record for numerous warning signs. Email List Verification: Removal of bounces, vacation emails, challenge responses, replies from list servers, feedback reports, mail block relay, forwarders and false positives. 

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does Gmail or any other popular webmail service scrub javascript from html emails? if not, any reason why?

Gmail strips out any content between tags before displaying the message. If an e-mail has script tags in it it doesn’t mean google will automatically mark it as spam but it could be one of the things that increases the chance. Most web mail providers and email clients will do this to prevent against xss attacks. Therefore there’s no point in sending e-mails containing JavaScript because it will almost certainly get blocked when the message is viewed and could contribute towards it getting marked as spam. 

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