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Lemon Comet Cleanser and Pinalen Abrasive Sink Scrubbing!

Email Harvesting is Wrong and It Can Hurt Your Business a Lot

Building a new list of email addresses requires a lot of time, money and patience, and the urge to speed things up can be very strong. Email harvesting involves a number of different methods, but one of the most common involves the buying and trading of already compiled lists of email addresses obtained through scraping. Others use a dictionary attack to guess email addresses based on visible usernames. Still, others trick people into revealing their email addresses by offering a free newsletter, gift or other product. Beyond the illegality there are many other reasons to avoid email scraping. 

This kind of email harvesting can be very bad for your business, and it is not an effective way to build a loyal base of customers. There is a very good reason professional marketers do not harvest email addresses through scraping. Using technology to scrape email addresses from the web may let you collect thousands of email addresses, but the quality and utility of those addresses will be suspect right from the start. You might have thousands of email addresses in your database, but you do not have the consent of the email owners to receive your emails. Email harvesting risksIf you ignore the risks and choose to build an email list through scraping, you face a number of significant risks. 

No matter how tempting it might be, building your email address through scraping is always a bad idea. If you use scraped email addresses, you are likely to get caught, and that could subject you to a huge fine through the CAN-SPAM Act and its international equivalents. 

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How to Validate and Verify Your Email Database – 2060 Digital

Email marketing is one of the dynamic online marketing and promotional tools that can create a real connection with your clients. In order to enhance the effectiveness of email marketing programs, you have to constantly scrub your email marketing database to ensure that only valid contacts receive your emails. Practicing good email database hygiene will help you to protect your brand and online reputation. According to Silverpop Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study, only 20.2 percent of the emails sent are opened. There are several techniques available that you can use to clean your database and validate your email list. 

Duplicate email addresses make your recipient receive more than one mail from you with the same content. Improperly formatted email addresses will either deliver emails to the wrong person or fail altogether. When your email marketing list is populated with role account email addresses such as info, admin, sales, enquiry and many others, it becomes ineffective. This is the practice of cleaning your email database through the removal of non-converting keywords from your list. Where the recipient is unknown or the domain is not found, an email server can permanently reject an email resulting in a hard bounce. 

To clean your database, create a bounce email register that filters out bounced email addresses. To solve this, you need to clean your email database to eliminate these email contacts, so you’re left with only those who bother to open and read your emails. 

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Top 10 Break-up Email Inspiration to Boost Deliverability

Email marketers have been striving hard to grow their email list organically. The email clearly asks the subscriber if he is further interested to receive email from Boulevard or wants to opt-out. The preview text in the email has been drafted wonderfully to influence the recipients to open the email. 5) JetBlue The email by JetBlue has all the elements of a perfect list cleaning email. They 3 text based CTAs providing different options for the email subscribers sets an example of how to send an email to get a clean email list for other brands. A subtle email design by ModCloth containing the right message makes this email look different. 

The blue colored CTAs on the bottom of the email grabs immediate attention due to a use of light background color. 8) Papa Johns A beautiful email design by Papa Johns along with minimal text to deliver the message. A straight forward CTA has been provided for the recipients to click if they wanted to continue with the email subscription. The CTA used in email is crisp and self-explanatory. The email design by Stony field complements the product they offer. If you too are struggling with cleaning your degraded email list, Monks can take you through by providing some awesome list cleaning email within 8 Hours of placing the order. 

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Awesome Rewards are separated into three tiers – Awesome, Awesome-er and Awesome-est. When you create an account on the FIGS Site and have not yet made a purchase, you automatically will be placed in the Awesome tier. Tier status is based on the amount of total points you’ve earned, so don’t worry, you might start in the Awesome tier, but you can make it to Awesome-est in no time. The more you shop FIGS, the better chance you have of reaching the Awesome-est tier. Each tier has a unique set of super-amazing rewards. 

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