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Scrubbing In With Me!

IT’S LIVE Y’ALL! I am so excited to finally share my latest project with you guys! If y’all know me, then you know how utterly OBSESSED I am with all things Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy and television in general. So as of today, I am proud to say, I’m officially launching my very own podcast inspired by my Grey’s Anatomy fandom! “Scrubbing in with Becca Tilley” has been born! My podcast combines my love of TV binge watching and my passion for connecting with the people who follow along with my life and want to share in my crazy adventures and conversations. On the show, we will be discussing all of my favorite TV shows including Friends, This Is Us, Bachelor in Paradise, and Grey’s Anatomy, just to name a few! I will be bringing on lots of different guests to get their take on life, love, and anything else y’all want to hear about! We will also be discussing personal matters, like when you find out your “Friends” have unfollowed you on social media or when the guy you’re talking to ghosts you. So grab your scrubs and tune in today on iHeartRadio to listen! You can find the very first episode HERE! I hope you all enjoy the show and continue following along with me each week.

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Email Co-Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing delivers consistently higher ROI than any other channel, and its returns only grow when you partner with trusted brands. So why wouldn’t you develop email co-marketing campaigns? The truth is, hundreds of smart, successful advertisers achieve big wins via email co-marketing and not because they’re spending endless hours de-duping email lists or confirming compliance practices. We offer B2B list scrubbing-specifically for email co-marketing campaigns-so both brands preserve the integrity of their email data. We ensure your partners are de-duplicating against current customers, unsubscribes, or other suppression lists. In short, we make sharing your message with another brand’s email base safe, secure, and seamless. Now, you don’t have to sacrifice compliance or convenience when a great email co-marketing opportunity presents itself. You don’t even have to purchase list-scrubbing technology beyond a one-time scrub. So start scoping your lineup of potential email partners. Ask about our industry-leading list scrubbing technology or our white-glove list scrubbing services, specifically for email co-marketing.

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Why is Email Scrubbing is a Must?

Email scrubbing allows you to maintain an efficient and working mailing list. In that case, they pertain to a more substantial issue- your email deliverability. Scrubbing means cleaning out addresses that are useless for your campaign. Scrubbing allows you to achieve the ideal sender score and strengthen your deliverability. The ISPs concentrate on how your marketing campaigns are acquired. If you dispatch an email and it gets removed without having read or sent directly into the spam folder, your ISP finds out. Examining a few primary fields could support the solution as to why your emails usually not getting opened. How to conduct email scrubbing?Have a segmented mailing list. If you effectively email scrub your list, you must see a remarkable improvement in open rates considering that you’re no longer sending messages to non-active or fake email addresses. Cleaning up your list and maintaining it clean are both different! Making use of double opt-in email messages to stay away from phony subscribers. Prevent typical email opt-in errors such as creating your headline overly artistic.

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Address scrubbing software

Address scrubbing is the process of correcting and verifying addresses automatically in a list or database. Typical mistakes found in address data run from incorrect house numbers to an incomplete ZIP Code®, with some addresses missing even more essential information. A common error is leaving off secondary address information-that is, apartment, suite, plaza etc. Upwards of 20% of mail handled by the USPS® is inaccurate or incomplete, some to the point of being entirely undeliverable. Address scrubbing software can help to correct these costly errors and omissions. Address scrubbing typically works on the back-end, checking address records against a trusted source such as USPS® data to automatically find and fix bad addresses. A back-end address cleaning solution is designed to work with your existing address database, fixing and correcting addresses before they are output into things like shipping, marketing, and billing processes. Find out why verifying addresses in real-time can significantly improve the success of your address scrubbing efforts.

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Tanya shares a revelation about “The ween sock”. How should Becca get to know her new neighbors?? Tanya has some advice but it’s VERY Tanya. Tanya goes from burning sage… to nearly burning the house down! Tanya shares a stunning revelation about her past relationships with the help of DeVon’s advice. Plus, Becca has some HUGE news that could totally change her friendship with Tanya. Becca reveals her tips on how to travel safely as things are reopening and we hear the real story of why she left Tanya hanging on a very important text. Find out why Tanya is going all in on college basketball! Plus Tanya fills us in on her wild Grammy night, and we all know that sleep deprived Tanya means its going to be a fun Scrub session! Tanya shares her strategy for prepping for The Grammys. Find out which reality show Becca and Tanya are seriously considering going on! Tanya shares her ability to match a Taylor Swift song to ANY situation. We hear about what happened on Becca and Tanya’s “Becca and Tanya Day”.

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