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How and why you should clean your email list

Email list cleaning is the process of identifying and removing inactive subscribers from your mailing list. These are the contacts that signed up to your mailing list but haven’t opened a single email from you. If you keep your mailing list clean of spam and invalid email addresses, you’ll keep your bounce rates low. The more people who mark your email as spam, the higher your chances of finding yourself on an email blacklist. The final reason why you should clean your email list is one that delivers a financial benefit to your business. Whether your mailing list numbers hundreds or many thousands, every email marketer will benefit from a list clean. It’s our preferred way to check a list for invalid, duplicate and spammy email addresses. Either remove these types of email addresses from your mailing list or keep them in a separate segment so you can monitor performance more accurately. Compile a list of all subscribers who have not opened an email from you in the past 90 days. You should also clean your contacts whenever you upload a new list to your email marketing platform. Bounceless – a simple email verification service that checks your list for spam traps, invalid email addresses and duplicates. Sender Score – this nifty free tool evaluates your email reputation and provides you with insights into how ISPs view your emails.

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Motor neurone disease

Motor neurone disease is an uncommon condition that affects the brain and nerves. Symptoms of motor neurone disease happen gradually and may not be obvious at first. Motor neurone disease is an uncommon condition that mainly affects people in their 60s and 70s, but it can affect adults of all ages. Having a close relative with motor neurone disease, or a related condition called frontotemporal dementia, can sometimes mean you’re more likely to get it. When to see a GP. You should see a GP if you have possible early symptoms of motor neurone disease, such as muscle weakness. It’s unlikely you have motor neurone disease, but getting a correct diagnosis as early as possible can help you get the care and support you need. You should also see a GP if a close relative has motor neurone disease or frontotemporal dementia and you’re worried you may be at risk of it. It can be difficult to diagnose motor neurone disease in the early stages. There’s no cure for motor neurone disease, but treatment can help reduce the impact the symptoms have on your life. Motor neurone disease gets gradually worse over time. A few people live for many years or even decades with motor neurone disease. Having motor neurone disease can be very challenging for you, your friends and your family.

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Scrub-a-Dub, Emails in the

We’re cleaning lists & getting inspired with really good emails. One element that has some question is caring for your list. What does it mean anyway to scrub an email list? Well, the goal is to maintain a healthy, active list, so you cut out unengaged subscribers. How do you know when it’s time to get your scrub on? That’s the big Q. Luckily, Sleeknote has three classic signs to look for: A noticeable decline in open rate and/or CTR. A high number of recent spam complaints. How frequently should you trim an email list? Well, there’s not a straight answer. The more aggressively you grow your list, the more frequently you should clean it. On a general level, here’s how to effectively scrub your list. Inactivity aside, you’ll also want to cut out duplicates, spam, or misspelled email addresses. Spam addresses are the fishy letter/number combos that will hurt ROI. Misspelled emails aren’t going to an inbox, which can cause overall deliverability issues. With the email marketing platform of your choosing, create an inactive segment by adding the criteria that define inactivity. All doesn’t have to end as inactivity clouds your email campaigns. As a last-ditch attempt, try wining back those folks with a personalized email.

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3 Tips for List Scrubbing and Beyond

List scrubbing is a necessary tool for being compliant when sending emails. By the sound of it, email list scrubbing means making your lists squeaky clean. List scrubbing means comparing two encrypted email lists to look for data that does or does not match. Co-marketing, having a central hub for all your email platforms, and segmentation are all marketing strategies that email list scrubbing can help achieve. Here’s a look at how we help our clients scrub their lists. Sharing your list with a carefully selected partner can be an effective way to gain new customers. Understandably, many companies will be reluctant to share their lists and it may even be against their privacy policies. We’ll scrub your lists to make sure you’re not mailing the same customers twice and that you’re honoring opt-outs on both sides. You will want to compare lists to make sure the customers are not already on both lists and already own the product you are cross-promoting. If your lists are too large to manage internally, we can do that comparison for you. This can be done as a onetime list scrub, or we can provide ongoing support as your list continues to grow. We hope we’ve left you with some good insights about how list scrubbing can help you.

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