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NEW CLINTON EMAIL SCANDAL: FBI Destroys Laptops of Clinton Aides Granted Immunity

FBI Gave Immunity to 5 Clinton Aides Who Lied & Directed Hillary Email Scrubbing

FBI Director James Comey, who earlier recommended Hillary Clinton not be indicted over her private email server, granted immunity to five Clinton aides who themselves could have been indicted. Like Combetta, Mills and Pagliano were granted limited immunity deals by the Justice Department, but in such a high profile case, legal experts said the deals would not go through without senior FBI leadership consultation. Another interesting bit about Comey’s testimony is he also refused to answer questions about the Clinton Foundation. It has since been shown that there are extensive ties between FBI Director Comey and the Clinton Foundation. He produced for the panel an email from February 27, 2010 that Mills wrote to Bill Clinton aide Justin Cooper, who managed the email system. 

Mills told agents she didn’t know about the Clinton server, used exclusively for government business, until after they left the State Department in January 2013, a full three years later. Cheryl Mills, Brian Pagliano, and Paul Combetta are not the only Clinton aides who seem to have received immunity deals under the risk of indictment. Politico reported that Bentel was granted immunity even before he was interviewed by the FBI. That may be because he appears to have given false answers to Congress about what he knew about Clinton’s email server. Samuelson worked under Cheryl Mills and Clinton attorney David Kendall. 

Heather Samuelson, a lawyer and 2008 Clinton campaign staffer, worked under Mills and Clinton’s attorney David Kendall to sift through her ex-boss’ messages. Clinton-related sources said that Kendall and Mills, not Samuelson, ultimately made the determinations about which emails should be preserved before Clinton decided to delete the rest. That makes five Clinton aides directly implicated in either directing the destruction of federal records, abetting the non-secured transmission of classified material, or lying to federal investigators given immunity by FBI Director James Comey. 

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We need a crash cart! Scrub in each week with Becca Tilley and her BFF Tanya Rad as they fangirl over their favorite shows, work through boy troubles, and hang out with the biggest celebrity guests. Her best friend Tanya spends her mornings as the co-host for On Air with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS-FM in Los Angeles, and the rest of her time goes to navigating the dating scene, Facetiming Becca, and going to bed early. It’s like hanging out with your best friends, all from the comfort of the OR! It’s Scrubbing In with Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad, on iHeartRadio or wherever you listen to podcasts…. 

Show More. Tanya got invited to a big deal premiere by an artist, but Becca might leave her hanging. Tanya has a huge, and we mean HUGE surprise for Becca that she doesn’t see coming. We’re scrubbing in backstage from iHeartRadio’s Wango Tango! Tanya took a chance with Mr. 

D and we’ll see how it turned out. We get Becca’s honest thoughts on getting a little TOO close to Tanya during a recent sauna session. Tanya has a comprehensive clinical report on date #2 with her new guy! Things were going really well, until she closed her eyes…And we talk to pop star Ava Max about what she has on her rider for her shows and the inspiration behind her new single. Plus, Tanya has a new life motto, and we help a listener whose partner is struggling with their faith. 

After breaking down what they loved about the Grey’s Anatomy finale, Becca and Tanya have other business to get to Tanya’s new love interest!She tells us about how a Grey’s connection led to the best first date she’s had in years. Tanya went out to a bar by herself… and she’s got a story to tell. Tenley Molzahn from The Bachelor scrubs in! She shares the story behind her incredible engagement ring, and to show Becca the light of eating right! 

Tanya is very unhappy with Grey’s right now, and isn’t afraid to share her honest thoughts with everybody. 

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Email List Cleaning: 5 Effective Tactics to Clean Old Lists for Better Engagement

Email list cleaning is the process of regularly updating your email contact list by purging outdated contacts and being responsive to recipient preferences. The result is a clean email list that yields more effective interactions with contacts. One solution could be cleaning your email contact list to remove contacts who are uninterested, irrelevant, or disengaged. Periodically cleaning your list will increase the overall engagement rates of marketing emails, which allows businesses to build more meaningful relationships with subscribers. Some businesses never prune their email lists because they assume that there isn’t an additional charge to send an email to one more person, but that’s not true. 

Using a dirty email list does have a cost: the damage to your sender reputation from email bounces, unsubscribes, and spam complaints. 5 email list cleaning tactics to improve engagement. Some use email software that doesn’t have a user-friendly unsubscribe feature built-in, while other businesses intentionally make it difficult to opt out to try to keep subscribers in their list. Efficiently clean your email list by writing rules for automatically removing or segmenting subscribers that meet certain criteria. Easily purge invalid or outdated email addresses from your list using marketing automation to remove emails that bounce. This is especially important for B2B companies because their email lists are primarily comprised of business email addresses, which have far shorter lifespans than personal email addresses due to employee turnover. 

Now that you’re familiar with the email list cleaning process, it’s time to put that knowledge to action and make sure that your list is squeeky clean for the year ahead. That way, you are sure to see more engagement from contacts and build more quality relationships with customers. 

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