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What Is Email Validation or Scrubbing? (Part 1)

Email Scrubbing: When To Say Goodbye To Disengaged Users

I’m not in a position to tell you how to evaluate your romantic relationship, but I do know about managing email lists, and I can say that sitting on an email database often feels like being in a long-term relationship – and similarly, it’s easy to get complacent. Data integrity: Your email metrics will better reflect how engaged your email list is if you weed out uninterested users. Your email reputation is used to predict the likelihood that you’re sending emails that the recipients want to receive. Here are some considerations we make whenever we think about breaking up with our email list. It’s not a great habit in any area of life, but making a judgment about a user’s interest or the success of an email campaign based on a single vanity metric is seriously bad news. 

If you’re starting to count results at the time of open, you may not be giving your email enough credit for double duty it’s performing. When marketers are evaluating the impact of paid media, they measure this impression as well as the cost per click, but fewer people do it with email. So if you’ve designed your email to gracefully degrade and not rely on downloaded images, or you have people in your audience who receive their emails in plain text, you may not be registering the full impact of your campaign. Look for activity in other channels in conjunction with universal and category-specific email holdouts to better understand your quiet subscribers and your email’s influence. Always keep in mind that while pruning an email list may statistically result in higher deliverability rates and customer engagement, you’ll want to give this very careful consideration. 

All great things must come to an endThere’s not always one winning strategy to email list hygiene but I do have one strong recommendation for any email marketer out there: DO NOT DELETE DATA. Even if you have a segment of users that never want to hear from you again, you should maintain a record of every user, past and present. Get in touch with the Prolific Growth team to learn more about email best practices or about any growth projects you may have. 

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Top 10 Bulk Email Verification and Validation Services Compared

Bulk email list verification – an indispensable tool for companies sending mass emails – determines whether or not a list of email addresses is fully valid and deliverable. The below is a list of the best email list cleaning and email validation services identified by thru ongoing exhaustive analysis. They also provide bulk verification plans starting at $400 for 100,000 email credits and for higher plans, email verification cost drops as low as $0.008 per email verification and credit never expires. Real-time verification through API: Yes; API available for real time and bulk email verification. QuickEmailVerification completes two different APIs: real-time API and bulk verification API. 

The real-time API, which is a nearly instantaneous process, checks new submissions on a form, while bulk email verification API processes a full batch of uploaded email addresses and validates each one. MyEmailVerifier’s email list verification service provides real-time verification API for businesses who rely heavily on email marketing. Verify an Email Address with EmailMarkerCost: Basic plans begin at $3 for 1000 email verifications and $161 for 100,000 email verifications. Real-time verification through API: Yes; for PHP, Python, Ruby, and C#. Formats accepted for list and email uploads: Email list for verification is accepted in. 

DataValidation is a leading email deliverability solution provider for corporate email service providers and email marketers. Email marketers can verify their email list quickly and securely, by using one of the supported ESP Integrations or Batch Verification APIs. NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED FOR TRIAL. Cost: DataValidation’s basic plan for 1000 verification starts at $7. Their bulk email verifiation plan for 100,000 email accounts costs $300. 

Accuracy: 99% Deliverability Guarantee. Verify an Email Address with MailboxValidator Cost: MailboxValidator provide basic bulk plan starts at $19.95 for 1000 email validation for 30 days with 24/7/365 email support. 

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10+ Best Email List Cleaning Software Services 2019

That’s not all, email list cleaning also helps protect the domain of your email server from being blacklisted and enhance the performance of your email marketing campaign. Email list cleaning – MailGet cleans all bad and inactive emails off your list to enhance your email marketing strategies. On a personal level if you would ask me, I found MailGet as the best email list cleaning software and the mere reason is its accuracy and the speed with which you can clean your email list which is available at such an economic price plans that are starting at $4 for 1000 emails and going up to 10 million emails for $2899. Pabbly Email List Cleaning Pabbly is a powerful email list cleaning service that you can use to eliminate all invalid addresses and reduce the bounce rates dramatically. DataValidation Data Validation lets you enhance your email marketing campaigns by building an email list of valid email addresses only. 

Email list cleaning – All email addresses that are non-existent, temporary, undeliverable among other undesirable traits are erased off your list to give you a clean email list. ReachMail ReachMail is a Chicago-based email validation service provider offering email list clearing services and free email marketing services. Email YoYo Email YoYo is one of the most popular email list cleaning service providers in the email marketing industry. Despite being so popular among the major brands, Email YoYo seems to mainly focus on two major services: email list cleaning and email validation API. But these services are broadly categorized to cover most of the services offered by other competing providers. 

What is most likable about Email YoYo is that their email verification API can perform real-time email validation for all business sizes without the need of a software. Notable features: Email YoYo focuses on two major services: email list cleaning and email validation. Email list cleaning – Email YoYo can help you identify the bad email addresses that are undeliverable, unknown or no longer functional. 

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