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Encouraging children to volunteer

Give Kids The World Village

Give Kids The World maintains the highest level of screening and training to ensure the safety of our families and volunteers. U.S. Volunteers Complete a volunteer application and waiver. Undergo online check of the Department of Justice Sex Offender Registry. Parental Agreement: Potential volunteers aged 12-17* must have their parent/guardian complete and submit this form either at the Village or via fax. 

Proof of valid State Issued Photo ID. Volunteer Orientation: volunteers that live within 90 miles of the Village must attend an orientation session. If you live outside of the 90 mile radius you will receive an orientation upon checking in the first day of your volunteer experience. Lnternational Volunteers Complete a volunteer application and waiver. Volunteer Orientation: you must attend Orientation upon checking in the first day of your volunteer experience. 

At this time, we are unable to accept court-mandated community service volunteers. Click the button below to log in to your volunteer account, check your schedule and view current openings. We’ve outsourced the volunteer background check to Intellicorp, which provides a secure, paperless, web-based service. We would like to invite you to make a charitable donation to Give Kids The World to help us offset these administrative costs. 

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Kids’ Club

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Kids’ Club! By joining our incredible team you can empower kids to reach their full potential through Jesus Christ! Kid’s Club volunteer opportunities are endless- whether you can give an hour per year or an hour each week. There is no greater way to shape the future than by investing your time in a child. Team Mentor: Mentor a group of amazing kids through their homework hour. 

You don’t need a teaching degree for this! Just a heart for kids! M/W 3:00-4:30 T/TH 3:00-4:30. P.A.LS.: Present, Available, Loving, and Supportive folks who assist students with homework in small groups. Reading Buddies: Read with students one-on-one for 15-20 minutes each. 

Math Buddies: Assist students one-on-one with math homework and mastering math concepts for 15-20 minutes at a time. Kitchen Crew: Help prepare and/or serve nutritious meals for our KC students. Food Delivery: Deliver the prepared meals from Main Campus to the CISD Onsite Campuses for our KC students. Additional Support Option – Food delivery volunteers are welcome to stay at the CISD Onsite Campus and assist in serving the meal. Bus Drivers: Transport children from school to Kids’ Club. 

Please contact our Kids’ Club staff at 626.7762 with any questions- we’re eager to help! 

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Children’s Hospital of Michigan

Children’s Hospital of Michigan is accepting new volunteer applications. Volunteers are an integral part of DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan, and can make a tremendous impact on a child and their family during their hospital stay. Volunteers work under the supervision of the Child Life Staff and the Nursing Staff to be sure that each child’s needs are met. Children need to play and maintain some sense of their normal routine to heal and be emotionally stable. That is where volunteers can make a positive difference. 

Volunteers provide a wonderful gift to patients and their families by offering their time, their presence, their smile, and kind gestures that can draw a smile or even a giggle from the child, making their day as normal and happy as possible. Playing or interacting with children in the activity centers or in their rooms. Reading to children in the various clinics and units in the hospital. Visiting children with your certified pet therapy dog. The Children’s Hospital of Michigan values your commitment and understands that your time is important. 

Please browse through the various sections on the right which offers additional information on volunteering. We hope to hear from you soon to help brighten the stay of the special children who seek to get better at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan. 

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Be a Volunteer

You may volunteer to help other people, such as the families who lost their homes after a natural disaster. You can also volunteer to protect animals, the environment, or any other cause that you care about. Lots of people – and kids – find that they really enjoy volunteering. Volunteer experiences often put you in a different environment and expose you to people and situations that you wouldn’t have come across in your regular life. So whether it’s winter clothes, food for the hungry, or homes for unwanted pets, doing volunteer work means one very important thing: You make a difference in the world. 

Religious organizations, like churches, synagogues, and mosques, also organize volunteer and charity work. School is another good place to start if you’re looking for volunteer ideas. Your local parks department also might have some suggestions for how kids can volunteer. Often kids start volunteering by working alongside their parents. You might be too young to prepare food at a soup kitchen, but if your parents volunteer there you might be able to go along and pitch in. 

Volunteering gives kids a taste of responsibility because people are depending on them for something important. A volunteer job can even help some kids decide what they want to do when they grow up. 

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