automatic News for 05-08-2019

US Military members volunteer to help Afghan Kids learn!!

Volunteer Opportunities for Kids in Indianapolis and Central Indiana

Volunteer opportunities are available to high school students: Prepare materials; organize classrooms; photograph art; set up exhibits; work with children, and serve on the Junior Board of Directors. Volunteer opportunities are available for children ages 3-12 and their parents. Volunteer Opportunities for both families and youth between 8-17 years old: Through a variety of activities, volunteers positively influence youth, support community initiatives and help enhance visitors’ experiences. Opportunities for families with children ages 9 years and older: Volunteers inspect and assemble food baskets, assist with clerical duties, and help stock and organize items. Volunteer Opportunities for Families with Children Ages 8 Years and Older: Parents and teens are able work directly with the animals. 

Volunteer Opportunities for Teens 14 Years and Older: Assist with events, gardening and groundskeeping, animal care, serve as a naturalist, and serve on the zoo’s associate council. Volunteer Opportunities For Families with Children of All Ages: Families can come to weed, plant, harvest and clean produce. Volunteer Opportunities For Families with Youth of All Ages: Plant trees, park clean-up, adopt a block, and assist with public art creation and installation. Volunteer Opportunities for Teenagers 16 Years and Older: Kitchen and on-site tasks. Family Opportunities Include: Organize collection drives, work at farmers’ markets, wash and clean the vehicle fleet, and work in the on-site garden. 

Ask to be placed on the volunteer call list to be contacted when new projects are added using the contact information below. Volunteer Opportunities for Families: Collect new children’s books, create personal care kits and host gift card drives for those who care for foster children are just a few ways families can help. 

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Teaching Kids to Volunteer

Volunteering with kids reinforces these values and helps our children develop empathy and compassion. Think about what volunteer opportunities are most appropriate for your family depending on how old your kids are. As your child progresses through elementary school, she becomes more capable of taking an active role in service projects, which means the volunteer opportunities available to your family increase significantly. Older elementary and middle-school-aged kids can take the lead on volunteer projects that require planning and commitment. Volunteering to serve meals at a homeless shelter is a wonderful way to expose older kids to some of the more complex issues facing our world. 

Teens have a better understanding of the problems facing society, and once in high school, volunteer experiences can be life-changing – service can help broaden a young adult’s horizons, set her on a path that leads to a rewarding career, and expose her to a diverse world. Teens can often volunteer without a parent, so allow them to make choices about participating in projects and programs that interest them. Support their work and engage them in conversation about their volunteer experiences. As you begin your search for volunteer opportunities appropriate for your child or your family, the best resources are often the ones in your local community. Schools, churches, YMCAs, park districts, nursing homes, libraries, social services agencies and scouting troops are just a few of the organizations that regularly plan volunteer projects. offers a searchable directory of volunteer opportunities around the globe, including projects for families. Like with any habit, if you want your kids to make volunteering a lasting part of their lives – and not a one-off event – you need to do it regularly. 

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Boston Children’s Hospital

Thank you for your interest in joining Boston Children’s Hospital Volunteer Services! We are fortunate that there are so many individuals interested in volunteering at Boston Children’s Hospital. We presently have a diverse, trained group of more than 500 individuals who selflessly devote thousands of hours each year to support the hospital staff and our patients and families. Whether playing with children during wait times or helping families find their way in the halls, the volunteers at Boston Children’s Hospital make a difference providing a special human connection that often eases the stress for patients and families going through difficult times. Volunteers at Boston Children’s Hospital perform a wide array of duties throughout the organization. 

Volunteers are allowed to play with children or to complete non-medical tasks. Inpatient/Clinic Volunteers: Interact with patients, siblings and families at the bedside, in the playroom or waiting room area to provide opportunities for developmentally appropriate play and socialization which may include holding infants/toddler, engaging in art, reading and taking part in structured activities with patients. Customer Service Volunteers: Create welcoming atmosphere at main entrance of hospital and provide way finding assistance to all patients, families and guests. Assist patients and families at time of discharge from the hospital. Customer service volunteers engage with patients and siblings through play-based activities in the Hale Family Center for Families. 

Patient Family Housing Programs: These programs provide affordable accommodations to families. The goal of Pawprints is to provide hospitalized children and their families with a healthy diversion from the usual hospital routine and an opportunity for social interaction. 

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