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School Support Staff Volunteer to Help Community Kids

Volunteer Opportunities for Kids in Richmond

Whatever your preference, we’ve compiled an expansive list of volunteer resources in the Richmond area that are specifically geared towards kids, or provide opportunities inclusive of youth, teens and young adults. Opportunities are available for ages 16 and older to volunteer alone and ages 12-15 to volunteer with a parent or guardian. Age: 5-18.With a wide array of volunteer opportunities available for nearly every age, Habitat for Humanity’s Youth Programs are the perfect way to help touch the lives of families in the Richmond area. Age: 14+With a wide range of volunteer opportunities available for teens ages 14 and above, the Henrico County Teen Volunteer programs are a great way to become involved in the local community. With a wide range of volunteer opportunities available, kids and adults of all ages can help families in need with their time, donations and services. 

Learn how to become a JA volunteer or complete an online volunteer application. Age: 13-18.Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden has a variety of volunteer opportunities for youth including service learning, summer volunteer opportunities, internships and vocational training. Volunteer benefits include free access to the Nature Center, invitations to volunteer appreciation events, and a subscription to the volunteer e-newsletter. Volunteer 2 Cheer is a great way to inspire today’s youth to become tomorrow’s volunteer leader. Volunteer opportunities include opportunities to play games with residents, provide entertainment, serve as a companion, provide facility support and much more. 

Age: 14+The Junior Volunteer Program provides students an opportunity to volunteer in a large, urban medical center where they are able to see the benefits of donating their time and services to their community. See a complete list of available volunteer opportunities at Greater Richmond YMCA branches, then find the one that’s best for you and your family. 

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Children’s Hospital New Orleans

Thank you for your interest in joining the Children’s Hospital New Orleans volunteer team. We have a diverse group of more than 400 volunteers who selflessly devote thousands of hours each year to support the hospital staff and our patients and families. Whether playing with children during wait times or helping families find their way in the halls, the volunteers at Children’s Hospital make a difference providing a special human connection that often eases the stress for patients and families going through difficult times. The comfort cart is a cart that volunteers take to the inpatient nursing units to provide staff with support during their fast-paced work day. The Children’s Hospital Gift Shop is staffed by adult volunteers and is a great place to have contact with patients and their families, visitors and hospital staff. 

A pool of volunteers staffs this program and volunteers assist on an as-needed basis. Another way you can volunteer to help patients and families is by joining our pool of volunteers. These volunteers help by escorting patients and families throughout the hospital, delivering superhero balloons to newly admitted patients, and providing snacks and coffee to parents and siblings in the surgery waiting area. Respite volunteers watch over Angel’s Place children on the Hematology/Oncology Unit or provide household aid to the family. These respite volunteers are here to lend a hand when families that have children hospitalized because of cancer, need any kind of basic help while in the hospital. 

There are several opportunities available for community volunteers to pool their talent and energy on special projects to benefit our young patients and their families. The Development Department can help your group find volunteer opportunities at one of our hospital’s signature events, including Boo at the Zoo, the Jazz Half Marathon and 5K and other fundraising events and projects. 

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Volunteer Opportunities for Families in Indianapolis

Other ways to serve include assisting families as they shop for toys for their children, helping a child receive a warm winter coat, sorting bags and helping families on distribution day, ringing a bell or serving a meal. We provide caring programs to support grieving children and their families in a safe and confidential atmosphere. Youth volunteer opportunities are open for students ages 10-18 including costume character portrayal, working with behind-the-scenes operations, assisting in the museum shop or helping with special events. Families with children ages nine and up are needed to combat hunger in Central Indiana. During the holidays, families can volunteer onsite at the Good Samaritan Network food warehouse helping underprivileged families choose toys and clothes for their children. 

The Humane Society offers a number of different ways for families to get involved: Parents and kids ages eight and older can work onsite directly with the animals in the Parent & Me program. Families can set a time to work or participate in the open volunteering events held on the first Saturday of each month from 9 am-12 pm. Keep Indianapolis Beautiful opens up their volunteer opportunities to every age for activities like tree planting, picking up litter, park clean up, transforming vacant lots into pocket parks, Adopt-A-Block and various other community activities. Second helpings has multiple volunteer opportunities available to families such as collection drives, landscaping, van washing or cleaning and more. Shepherd Community Center relies heavily on volunteers and encourages family volunteer participation during special events and holiday programs. 

To volunteer at the center, the age requirement for an individual volunteer is 16 years of age. There are many ways families can provide volunteer service to Wheeler Mission. 

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