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Best for Kids – Volunteer Video

Youth Volunteer Opportunities & Resources

The City of Sacramento and its non-profit partners have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for youth and adults. Angelique Ashby’s Youth Action Corps – Councilwoman Ashby’s youth volunteer programs want you! – Middle school through college-age volunteers are invited to come hear how the District One youth programs can be a gateway to your future! Last year, we connected our youth to TONS of volunteer opportunities, scholarships, paid internships, and jobs. Volunteer Art Ambassadors – Volunteer Art Ambassadors are needed to support an Art in Public Places special project: River Crossing by British artist, Joshua Sofaer. Land Park Volunteer Corps Workday – Come join members of the community for the next Land Park Volunteer Corps workday in William Land Park on Saturday, May 4th at 9 am. 

Minimum age to volunteer is 14, minimum age to volunteer with an adult is 3. Volunteer positions will include: credential distribution, drug testing escort/chaperone, gate monitors, hospitality, information booth/lost & found, media, ropes crew, ticket takers/security support at gates, volunteer check-in assistant. Our volunteer opportunities are all open for public participation! Our gardening projects for May will include deadheading the roses, and for those who love pulling weeds, we can make you very happy too! We will have volunteer opportunities in May from 9 am until noon on….Friday, May 24th and Friday, May 31st. 

Starting in June we will start up our Monthly 2nd Saturday Volunteer Events again from 9 am until noon, through the month of November! We have all the supplies we loan out on a first-come, first-served basis. Volunteer Opportunities: Assist with shelter chores, special events, handling and exercising dogs and cats, office work, adoption clinics and education Min Age: 12 with adult supervision Contact: Janice Wagaman, Volunteer Coordinator Phone: 808-8166 Address: 2127 Front Street, Sacramento, CA 95818 Prerequisites: Application and Orientation. City of Sacramento Volunteer Services Description: The City of Sacramento offers a variety of short-term and on-going volunteer opportunities for youth and teens. Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteers are needed to assist with youth activities such as face painting, games, arts and crafts, supervising jump tents, and food service. 

Volunteer Opportunities: most of our volunteer opportunities take place during the spring and summer. Min Age: 18 & younger with Adult Contact: Richard Perez, Volunteer Coordinator Phone: 808-2285 Address: 5730 24th Street, Building 3 Sacramento, CA 95822 Prerequisites: Application onlineWebsite: ParksCity of Sacramento – District One – Angelique Ashby’s Youth Action CorpsDescription: Consists of middle and high school aged students who learn, apply and teach park maintenance techniques to other volunteers in their local parks. 

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Volunteer Opportunities For Kids in Dallas-Fort Worth

There’s generally a big push to volunteer and make charitable donations around the holidays when angel trees and Salvation Army helpers occupy malls and retail corners, but contributions tends to peter out as the year progresses and schedules get busy. Teach kids that giving is always important, whether it’s giving time, talent or goods. It’s not only beneficial to those in need, studies prove that volunteering is good for your family’s health and happiness too, so volunteer together. Wee Volunteer: Puppy Love.Encourage kids ages 4 and up to spend time with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in McKinney – and its furry friends – on February 11 from 4-5pm at the Russell H. Perry Animal Care Center. 

Kids 6 and older walk dogs, play with cats and help clean up after the animals. Volunteers are expected to give six hours a month or be at six adoption events a year. Buckner Shoes for Orphan SoulsAt Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls, kids help sort shoes and medical and school supplies that will be sent to orphanages in Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Peru and Kenya. Quilt Country Charity Sew-In.If your little one loves to sew – and has access to a sewing machine – bring them to the local quilting charity sew-in on February 23 from 10am-5pm. The group will work to create quilts for a range of people in need – from victims of a recent tornado to female service members with PTSD. 

Quilt kits and patterns will be provided, but all quilters need to bring a sewing machine and thread.Lewisville, 972/436-7022. The group meets every Wednesday from 6-9pm. Kiddos need to be at least 55 inches tall so they can see over the table, and every three volunteers ages 8-13 need to have an adult with them. Operation GratitudeFor a quick and easy way to lift spirits, send thank-you letters and drawings from the kids to members of the military. Let crafty littles of any age sew, knit, quilt or crochet blankets for Project Linus, a nation-wide charity that passes the finished products on to critically ill or traumatized babies, children and teens at local hospitals. 

Younger kids or those not skilled with a needle and thread can make no-sew tied fleece blankets or help in other ways, like sorting and inspecting coverlets for safety. 

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