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Why should you clean your email list (GetResponse)

Email Validation HubSpot Integration

While ZeroBounce and HubSpot are individually great products, this integration is fairly useless. The integration allows you to validate HubSpot lists, but once validated, this does not sync back to HubSpot. You have to go in and manually remove any invalid emails. For this integration to be useful, it needs to add a custom property to companies and contacts that provides a status of the email. If this is on a two-way sync, this would be amazing so you aren’t importing and then going back to manually delete or update contacts. You would also be able to sort and filter by that status. Right now we are stuck with importing to ZeroBounce, validating, cleaning up the import list, then importing into HubSpot. While this works, it renders this integration useless unless of the contacts are already in HubSpot. In that case, you then have to go in an update/remove contacts from HubSpot which is much more work than deleting rows in a spreadsheet. Great individually, but useless integration due to the lack of synchronization. You are better off validating before importing to HubSpot.

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Email Scrubbing Template

To begin the Email Scrubbing Template, enter the required details into the form fields below. Reasons for email list scrubbing Multiple options can be selected from this list Decide which email lists you should scrub. A common question when it comes to scrubbing email lists is deciding which email list to scrub. Work through the sub-checklist below, which provides tips on which email lists to scrub. Start with the most active email lists, these are the lists driving the conversions, leads, and sales. Even if your email list is new, there is no point emailing uninterested users. You can use your email server to state whether the bounced emails are ‘hard’ bounces or ‘soft’ bounces. The next stage of this Email Scrubbing Template runs through the steps of delivering a lead magnet to inactive subscribers. We begin to scrub your email list by making sure all hard bounces have been removed. How to clean your list via a service: Consider email scrubbing services. There are plenty of email scrubbing services out there. Check for emails from disposable email address providers.

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Free Email List Cleaner

This tool cleans up your mail list from invalid emails. Invalid mailboxes, typos, duplicates, malformed addresses, non-existing domains, invalid MX-records and disposable mailboxes like “Mailinator” etc. Common gibberish and keyboard mashing like “Asd”, “Asdf”, “Qweqweqwe” etc. Email cleaners like this are either paid or free but limited to, like, 100 email addresses… This tool is unlimited. We do have a technical limit of 20000 emails just to keep things from overheating, but hey, if your email list is over 20k you probably use an email marketing platform that already takes care of this. You need to maintain good sender reputation, otherwise your emails will start bouncing back and being falsely marked as “Spam” by email services on the receiving end. A single malformed address can negatively impact deliverability of your “Good” emails too, your whole email marketing campaign is on the line. A low quality list can also distort your metrics, conversion and open rates.

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Cold Email Academy by Mailshake

Stressing about what to put in the body of a cold email? Simplify things by getting back to basics. What do you want recipients to do as a result of reading your email? Understanding this will make it much easier to write both your email and your subject line. You also need to think about what salutation to use, how long the body of the email should be and what it should contain, when to include a CTA and how to frame it, and what to include in your signature. There are also some best practices that should be followed, without fail. Be benefit-driven, add value, and never exceed three sentences per paragraph. It’s often overlooked, but it’s a great place to include further personalization, another reason to buy, or an extra CTA. For more on what you should include in the body of a cold email, take a few minutes to watch our video from outreach expert Nate Wright, above.

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Email list verification

Welcome to hygiene 3.0! Quickie Marketing, Inc, formerly DBA is now Verify550, a full service email hygiene company. For a decade, our team have forged relationships with marquee players whom helped us gather the largest suppression of protestors and informants worldwide giving us the edge on validation. Now, armed with bounce removal and a new user interface that makes it easier for customers to scrub files, Verify550 is the leading contender in email list hygiene surpassing all who claim they are in this field. Verify550’s new technology is faster and more accurate than anything out there offering the same accountability in transparency by giving their clients the name of each threat and bounce they find.

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Scrubbing Data

With sharp increase in the volume and range of data flowing into today’s businesses and public organizations, scrubbing Data the process of identifying and replacing inaccurate, invalid, or outdated data has become an ongoing challenge for time-pressed IT departments. InfoDataPlace, the leading provider of open source data management solutions, recognize that an integrated, inclusive approach is the most efficient and powerful way for companies to achieve and maintain clean, high quality data. InfoDataPlace Enterprise Data Quality is an integrated solution that enables companies to manage all facets of data scrubbing and data quality management from a single unified console.

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