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Floor Scrubber Brushes 101

Email Scrubbing: Expectations vs. Reality

When your bounce rate is high and several people in your list complain that your email was spam, you know it’s time for a good email scrubbing. Let’s say you haven’t decided on an email scrubbing service. A good email scrubbing system is able to identify all of the invalid addresses in your list and isolate them on the spot. Expectation: My email deliverability is going to see a boost. Reality: Of course! Once you start emailing genuine email addresses, Internet and Email Service Providers are going to start looking at you as someone legit. Your sender reputation will improve, and that, in turn, will boost your email deliverability. Most companies see email scrubbing as an investment in their business, not as an expense. Reality: That’s up to you! You can pick an email validation system that will just scan your list and weed out the bad email addresses. Or, you can choose a service that does more than email scrubbing. Top-notch email scoring to help you upgrade your list. Not to be overly promotional, but ZeroBounce also gives you access to the most innovative email scoring system you can get. Are there any other expectations you have about using an email scrubbing service? Let us know and we’ll try to shed some light!

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Guide on Email list scrubbing?

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FAQ: Do I scrub my contact list frequently enough?

Raise your hand if any of the following are true about your contact list. There are contacts in there that I’ve never made contact with. There are contacts in there I’ve ignored for months or even years. I’m not sure where some of the contacts came from in the first place. That’s where managing your contact list can get a little confusing. We call this “Scrubbing” your contact list. In regard to your contact list, we’re talking mostly about your contacts’ email addresses. Eventually, this can lead to your emails getting marked as SPAM. So keeping your contact list clean and up-to-date will help you stay off that naughty list. It increases the likelihood that you’ll miss out on updated contact information, and it also increases the likelihood you’ll be marked as SPAM.How do I scrub my contact list? You’ll be managing unsubscribes by hand and updating contact information manually as you’re able to get in touch. Identify contacts who fall somewhere in the middle – maybe they open about half the emails you send but aren’t clicking through, for example. A permission pass is an email that explicitly tells the consumer why you’re making contact.

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keep emails in your inbox organized and clutter-free

The Scrub feature helps you to have a clutter free Inbox, by allowing you to bulk delete/ archive emails from multiple senders in a single step. The Scrub feature works based on the sender of the emails and can be used for up to 5 senders. When there are loads of emails from the same set of senders, you can archive or delete them from the particular folder. Navigate to the folder, in which you want to ‘Scrub’ emails. From the listing, select the emails from senders, which you want to remove. Click on ‘More Actions’ from the Top menu bar above the listing. The Scrub dialog lists the unique sender email addresses based on your selection. In the Actions, choose Archive, if you want to just remove the emails from the listing but do not want to delete the emails, and retain them for future reference. You can choose ‘Delete’ to delete the emails and do not want to retain them in the folder. Based on the action chosen, the emails will be deleted or archived and will be removed from the listing. The Scrub feature helps you to maintain a clutter free mailbox when you have accumulated some emails for reference and want to remove them in a single shot.

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