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Email/Data Scrubbing Services USA/UK/Canada

Our automation lead data processing solutions make your processes much smarter. We’ll help elevate your current system and automate not only mundane tasks, but also end-to-end entire data management. Increasingly, the quality of your customer database has a significant impact on the return on investment you receive from your marketing campaigns. Your ability to reach key decision-makers only within your target markets and as defined by your ideal customer profile is very important. The information in your database allows you to accurately and quickly access the individual decision-makers in the companies you are trying to target. Outsource Big Data offers custom made database cleaning, data scrubbing services and email scrubbing services to ensure the information you have is always up-to-date. We can clean your targeted email address lists as well as the contact information for your leads to ensure no contacts are wasted. If database cleaning is a priority for your company and you want to keep costs down, contact Outsource Big Data today to learn more about database clean-up services. Our teams of data scrubbing and database updating experts have many years of experience working with a number of different types of databases. From deduplication services to general updating and cleaning, we can ensure you always have the most accurate information possible for your business.

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How to run a command once a ZFS scrub *completes*?

I would like to use cron to schedule periodic scrubs of my ZFS pool, and at some reasonably short time after the scrub finishes, email a status report to myself. The purpose of this is to catch any problems without having to manually look for them. The first part is easy: just set up a cron job to run zpool scrub $POOL as root at whatever interval is reasonable in my particular situation. The second part, I’m not quite so sure how to do. Zpool scrub returns immediately and then the scrub is run in the background by the system. The only parameter documented for zpool scrub is -s for “Stop scrubbing”. The main problem is detecting the change of status from scrubbing to finished scrubbing. Ideally, I’d want to tell zpool scrub to not return until the scrub finishes, but I don’t see any way to make it do that. Failing that, I’d like to ask the system whether a scrub is currently in progress, preferably in a way that doesn’t too much risk breaking with an upgrade or configuration change, so that I can act on whether or not a previously running scrub has finished. This particular setup is for a workstation system, so while a monitoring tool such as Nagios probably has add-ins that would solve the problem, it feels rather overkill to install such a tool for just this one task. Can someone suggest a lower-tech solution to the problem?

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Do Not Call Compliance

Do Not Call List ManagementSimplify your compliance efforts and take advantage of our expertise in consumer regulatory compliance, especially as it relates to Do Not Call compliance. We dedicate significant resources to maintaining the most current Do Not Call databases including the FTC Do Not Call Registry and all relevant state lists. We can compile and maintain any Do Not Call lists that you licensed based on your specifications and calling requirements – including optional lists such as the NeuStar Wireless Portability list or your own company-specific Do Not Call list. We have stringent processes in place to acquire, validate and verify all Do Not Call data. We are so confident about our processes that we warrant the accuracy and timeliness of the Do Not Call databases. Mobile ScoringPossibleNOW’s Mobile Scoring service determines the likelihood that a person is still associated with a specific cell phone number. Using this confidence score makes it easy to segment your customer database as to which mobile numbers present the least risk to call and/or text. This reduces the risk of hefty fines by improving the likelihood that you are calling the person who gave you permission to contact them on their cell phone.

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Metadata Scrubber Solution

Metadact redefines the capabilities of metadata technology, coupling a powerhouse of security with a simple design. Cleaning more than any tool like it, server-based Metadact provides total security by enforcing data loss prevention, simplifying attachment management, and keeping your people covered no matter the device they’re using. The biggest security risk in any organization is its people. When heavily relying on emails to collaborate, mistakes happen. Whether accidental or malicious, even a single misaddressed email could leak sensitive data. See how metadata cleaning is no longer a commodity with Metadact. Customize settings and receive insights to protect your firm’s information, without compromising workflows or slowing down senders. Protect the firm from revealing sensitive data and catch email mistakes, suspicious activity, or metadata leaks from any device. Eliminate the need for additional solutions and reorder, rename, and bind attachments without leaving your email. Want to see it in action? Litera Open APILitera offers an open application programming interface for users to compare, clean, and securely collaborate on their documents wherever they want, such as proprietary and third-party applications.

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