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How to Validate and Verify Your Email Database

Email marketing is one of the dynamic online marketing and promotional tools that can create a real connection with your clients. In order to enhance the effectiveness of email marketing programs, you have to constantly scrub your email marketing database to ensure that only valid contacts receive your emails. Practicing good email database hygiene will help you to protect your brand and online reputation. According to Silverpop Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study, only 20.2 percent of the emails sent are opened. There are several techniques available that you can use to clean your database and validate your email list. Duplicate email addresses make your recipient receive more than one mail from you with the same content. Improperly formatted email addresses will either deliver emails to the wrong person or fail altogether. When your email marketing list is populated with role account email addresses such as info, admin, sales, enquiry and many others, it becomes ineffective. This is the practice of cleaning your email database through the removal of non-converting keywords from your list. Where the recipient is unknown or the domain is not found, an email server can permanently reject an email resulting in a hard bounce. To clean your database, create a bounce email register that filters out bounced email addresses. To solve this, you need to clean your email database to eliminate these email contacts, so you’re left with only those who bother to open and read your emails.

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FreshAddress Launches Free Email List Cleaning Tool

PRNewswire/ – FreshAddress, Inc. the leader in email marketing database services, announces the release of Free List Check, a health scan for your email addresses. Free List Check is a new email hygiene tool that lets marketers quickly assess the health of their email lists. Marketers can use it to check their email lists for problems that ruin their email marketing ROI. The process is fast, easy, free, and 100% secure. No costs, no obligation, no credit card required, and no risk. “Proper email list hygiene can make or break any company. Free List Check is a powerful first step towards ensuring that your email lists are problem-free and safe to send,” said Austin Bliss. “As the leader in the email list hygiene space, we’re excited to share our email address expertise for free with email marketers worldwide.” Problematic and bouncing email addresses wreak havoc on your email marketing ROI. How many of them are on your email list? Scan your list now with Free List Check and uncover these problems before it’s too late. FreshAddress, Inc. is an email marketing intelligence company that helps businesses clean, correct, grow, and leverage their email lists for maximum return on their investments and relationships. Offerings include our industry-leading, patented Email Change of Address service, SafeToSend® Email Validation, and a full suite of appending services. We also provide customer lifecycle and optimization solutions.

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How to scrub your private data from ‘people finder’ sites

Search any people finder site-Spokeo, PeekYou, Whitepages, to name a few-and odds are you’ll find a page listing your full name, date of birth, names of family members, current address, and phone number. Aggregator sites such as Intelius, Radaris, and PeopleFinder have data warehouses full of information about you, accessible to people without your permission, and used for purposes you know nothing about. Some of the less scrupulous sites may actually retain information typed into their search boxes, so it’s best to use a search engine: Type your name followed by “Site:” and the URL of the people finder service. To opt out, you must find your listing using the search tool at the top of the Remove My Info page, not the site’s main search box. From the opt-out link, fill out the CAPTCHA and click on the button Begin Opt Out Procedure. As with BeenVerified, if you don’t use the specific search tool on the opt-out page, you can’t send an opt-out request. PeekYou includes its opt-out link inside the FAQ on the Privacy page. The listing page has two buttons: Keep Showing My Info and Opt Out My Info. Radaris publishes opt-out instructions on its removal page, but the goal here is to make the process so annoying that people will give up. Then go to Spokeo’s opt-out page and paste the URL into the form. Then click on the Remove From Directory link in the page footer to get sent to the Opt out of Whitepages page. If you aren’t logged in, you’ll be prompted before you can access the opt-out page.

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How does list cleaning work?

A high number of bounces can hurt the deliverability of your emails. It’s generally a good practice to run some kind of email verification tool on your list to help weed out bad email addresses. While running your list through an email verification tool does significantly reduce the total number of bounces it doesn’t guarantee you’ll see 0 bounces. The list cleaning tool works best when your list doesn’t contain a bunch of public domain emails Public domain emails will almost always return with an OK result since the public domains typically always send a response when we check even if the specific email isn’t working. After importing a list of recipients, you’ll have the option to review your list. The cleaning process can take up to 15 minutes to run, so Mailshake will run it in the background while you continue setting up your campaign. You can download the results to a CSV file for further review and you can remove risky and/or bad email addresses from your campaign. Risky – An email address is one that has a higher-than-normal risk of bouncing, but it’s hard to say for sure if there’s a problem. Likely the email can’t be verified and may be a “Catch-all” email address which can hurt deliverability. Every team gets 5000 free list-cleaning credits upon purchase of an Email Outreach plan or 10,000 credits of a Sales Engagement plan. 1 credit means you can run email verification on 1 address. Running the list cleaner does NOT guarantee you won’t see any bounces.

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