Month: June 2019

automatic News for 06-03-2019

The CRAZIEST Hyper Car Ever in BeamNG!? – BeamNG Drive Automation Mods Amazon dismisses idea automation will eliminate all its warehouse jobs soon BALTIMORE – Inc dismissed the idea of running a fully automated warehouse in the near future, citing the superior cognitive ability of humans and limitations of current technology. Scott Anderson, director of …

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automatic News for 06-02-2019

Effort underway to end lunch shaming Governor Signs Virginia School ‘Lunch Shaming’ Bill into Law The bill prohibits Virginia public schools from shaming students for falling behind on their lunch debt. The bill, patroned by Del. Patrick Hope of Arlington, and co-patroned by Danica Roem of Manassas, essentially says that school meal debt must be handled confidentially …

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automatic News for 06-01-2019

What is Process Automation? Site Reliability Engineering While we believe that software-based automation is superior to manual operation in most circumstances, better than either option is a higher-level system design requiring neither of them-an autonomous system. There’s an additional benefit for systems where automation is used to resolve common faults in a system. 29 For truly …

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